Who am I?
How does God see me?

There are dungeons in which we feel we are imprisoned. Are freedom, healing, joy and peace realy for me too?

Margarita and her dance compagnie "Simra" testify the restoration of their femininity and identity as daughter of the king; and so showing us a way with Him toward His palace.

Through different dance styles, movements, but also testimonies; they want to show that God has prepared this process of freedom for all of us. He wants to see us whole in body, soul and spirit.

In this DVD you will find :

  • - The heart and vision of Simra-Dance
  • - Very expressive dance videos
  • - A small introduction to this dance

Themes are : dance, restoration of femininity, royal dignity, body image, coping with rejection and negative thoughts.

God offers us a key that leads to freedom, our true identity and our palace.