Oriental dance

Daughter of God, wife, mother,... I have the impression that God wants to put women back in their place, the place for which they were created. Together we are going to find our place while always keeping our focus on the Lord.

Yes, oriental dance can be a tool to express praise because it not only expresses the joy of living but also the joy of living with the One who created life! He is the One who, through this style of dance, helps us discover our femininity so that we will look into the deepest part of ourselves to find the woman of God that we are.

It is difficult to find this place in our society where the roles of men and women are so mixed up and confused.
God calls us to be restored. He wants us to be in unity in body, soul and spirit.
He wants to set us free, to purify us and to renew us and help us discover our femininity which He himself created.

Together we will discover the different facets of this femininity.
Oriental dance is a way that is so well adapted for this search! Oriental dance is joyful and sensual, dramatic and dynamic and much more.

In this dance it makes no difference how old you are or the shape of your body because we come before our Creator the way we are.
I invite you to discover the special techniques of oriental dance. It is important to me to help each one find her own way to express herself in a dance form that has probably been around since the time of Jesus!

Margarita Fugger-Heesen