“To be fully a woman, a woman of God”

  • to worship with the body, soul and spirit
  • to discover and find freedom in a restored, sanctified (purified) femininity
  • to learn to accept one’s body so beautifully made by our Lord
  • to discover our identity, as a woman, in Christ

Oriental dance is a perfectly adapted way of doing this!
It expresses the joy of living; it’s a poem to God!
In this dance form it makes no difference how old one is or what their body looks like.
We come before our Creator just as we are!!

At this point we like to invite the women to ask themselves lots of questions while at the same time, being prepared to find answers through the body and dance, prayer, listening and sharing.

  • What does God think of women (of me)?
  • How did God create femininity?
  • How do I feel about myself?
  • Can I believe that I am wonderfully made?
  • I invite you to discover the special technique of oriental dance and its ways of worshiping through physical expression.

The workshops consist of: spect

  • Preparation of the body, soul and spirit through spiritual relaxation.
  • Together we approach the subjects that surround femininity, seduction, intimidation, how others see us, negative thoughts and criticism, false beliefs… and we find out how God lovingly sees these subjects.
  • Warm-up
  • Special oriental dance techniques with gestures that express praise.
  • A choreography.
  • At the end a time of rest and sharing.

Throughout the workshops I encourage each one to express her own personality.
Through gentle, physical work I walk through the dance with each participant in her own way based on a rich and personalised teaching method.

Let’s celebrate the Lord together with joy!