Who am I?
How does God see me??

My own body, so near and yet so strange to me... Though God sees it as a temple and not just as any old house.

In Gods eyes our body, our soul and our spirit are so precious.

Dance, oriental dance is, in Gods hands, such a powerful tool, a tool for healing. DGod uses it to deeply heal our femininity and our identity. Restored et fortified, we discover our dignity as daughter of the King, our royal dignity. (petite couronne qui apparait dans le cours)

Margarita and the dance compagnie "Simra" invite you for an initiation to dance and to oriental dance!

In this DVD you will find :

  • - Exercises for body, mind and spirit, aswel as warming up excercises
  • - Basic techniques for oriental dance and a choreography
  • - How to be at peace with your female body, just as it is
  • - Testimonies

Themes are: dance, connection to God, restoration of femininity, identity in Christ, royal dignity, body image through the eyes of God.

When we connect to God, our dance, our every movement can become a form of worship, a prayer without words.