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To move, to dance, to live fully with freedom in one's movements? What a special sensation! But we must learn to get to know each other, to accept each other, and more, to live with all that we are. "Simra" even goes further, not only in the dimension of rediscovered femininity, but also in the realm of team work, in the realm of proposed shows, with a livelyhood and enthusiasm that the public will not fail to notice.

Guy Barblan www.Psalmodia.net


We met Margarita at the beginning of a pioneers path where the restoration of the feminine identity and the the oriental heritage were already visible...
Where it seemed impoassible to imagine that an Oriental dance could praise the Eternal, Margarita with simplicity and courage, advanced, testified and danced it that way.
With het gaze turned to Christ, the barriers fell from underneath her feet, the hearts where healed and the Truth found a prepared way.
We still remember the shooting of our second "Passionate Dancing" DVD, where she shared her journey and the impact on the public that ensued.
Five years later, a company of dancers "Simra" was born, multiplying the possibilities! It is with pride and joy that we applaud and support them, as much in artistic and creative ways as in those of hearts and attitudes.
Long life to this young company!

Christine et Sodapop JEANVILLE
Directors of Machol Danser la Vie
Professionnal dansers and choreographers


It is a privilege for me to be the godmother of a ministry like Simra.
Margarita and her troupe make us travel! Certainly, music and oriental dance transport us to other latitudes; but beyond that, one is carried away on a journey to discover our identity as a woman. I have been touched many times by these graceful gestures and the testimony of these dancers.

Margarita has an overflowing generosity, she communicates with passion the love she has for her God, whether through class or shows. I am certain that this ministry will grow in its influence and that it will really impact a whole generation of women.

So, dance girls! And make us swirl with you. It's so good to be a truly free woman.

Marianne Moehr
Co-Pastor of C3 Lausanne