Who we are

  • Simra is a name inspired by the Hebrew word “Simcha” which means “joy”.
  • The teaching part of the training course has been available in the Christian world since 2005.
  • The Simra dance company was founded in 2009. We are women who dance with all our hearts for God to touch women in their womanly identity.
  • The classes/workshops and the company want to be a place that offers encouragement and hope for women and ourselves as well as the opportunity to question what it means to be a woman.
  • Precious women from different churches are part of Simra-Dance. They have the vision in their heart and actively support this ministry.
  • Together we want to communicate the love and freedom found in Jesus.

We want to communicate the joy and love of Jesus through dance and our testimonies. We believe that God can use oriental dance as a powerful tool in the restoration, healing and freedom of women (and indirectly of men as well).

We are not affiliated with any particular church because together we represent several local churches. However, we do work closely with Psalmodia. Our desire is to act in a broader, inter-church perspective while being aware of our need for spiritual covering through the church authorities.